Hypnotherapy-Become who you were meant to be


If you feel that you're
not fully in control of your
thoughts, or that your habits
have a hold on you, then maybe Hypnotherapy is just what you need

What is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is an altered state of consciousness, where the minds ability to accept suggestion is heightened.It is a trance like state of awareness, and is similar to when we just awaken or are just about to fall asleep, itís a natural time when our minds are very susceptible to suggestion. If you think negative, self-defeating thoughts at these times, then you are creating disempowerment for yourself.

What is Hypnotherapy?

It is the use of effective interventions that work to resolve issues in a brief time frame. I offer thought based solution therapy.

How do I differ from stage Hypnotists?

I work to empower my clients, not make them feel powerless or like a fool. So Iím sorry but I wonít help you to believe that you are a chicken or a Martian! Iíll help you to find your inner strength and resources. Click your heels darling, yes youíve had the power all along! Iíll help you to make the changes that you do want to make in your life.

Is Hypnosis mind control?

No you have full control of your own mind, from childhood you have already been hypnotised by all those people around you and by the media and advertising, plus you've been hypnotising yourself for a long time too, hypnosis teaches the client how to have more control over their own mind and body.

Can I see into your mind?

No Iím not a mind reader, and you wonít let any of your deep dark secrets out unless you want to during the Q & A session before we begin. No I canít hypnotize you by looking in your eyes either! If youíre looking for a quick fix or a magic wand, I canít help you, Iím a hypnotherapist not a magician. Weíre a team, working together. I can guide you, but you have to practice what I suggest, either by trying my suggested techniques or creating your own version of them.

Conscious & Subconscious Mind

You have a conscious mind and a deeper part of your mind is a subconscious mind.

The conscious mind can focus on about 5 to 9 things at any one time, itís a filter system, it gives you information on a need to know basis. Itís the gate keeper, which has been programmed usually by the age of six, after that we are mostly repeating the conditioning we received in childhood. Our beliefs, habits and responses all stem from that time, and get backed up and reinforced based on our responses to our lifeís experiences. Your conscious mind is the captain of the ship or the commander of the genie in the bottle.

The subconscious mind can focus on approximately 30, 000 things all at once. It stores all memories, energies, emotions and trauma, from this life and past lives. It forgets nothing. it's responsible for making sure you continue breathing, it regulates blood flow, cell repair, digestion, it makes sure that if you cut yourself that it will heal it, only if you help it though, by keeping the cut clean etc. If you break a bone it will heal if it's set right.

Itís like a genie in a bottle, or an engine of a ship. You tell it where you want to go and it brings you there. We can communicate with our subconscious mind, by using our imagination, coupled with deeply felt emotion, backed up with words and repetition. You must really believe, heart and soul and get your subconscious to agree, before anything will change for you.

Our subconscious mind believes everything that we tell it, so if we are telling ourselves that it is difficult to quit smoking or break habits for example, then that is what will become our reality, because we are programming ourselves.

Every time we think a thought, we strengthen a neural pathway in our brain, over time these become beliefs and become our automatic way of thinking, which affects our actions and then becomes our routine behaviours, which become habits.

In the session I offer new possible thoughts for the client to consider, I use a few techniques to help you imagine and feel what it would feel like in new scenarios. I offer positive suggestions, and as your mind and body are relaxed you have a choice to accept or reject, without the critical part of your conscious mind interfering.

Is a Hypnotherapist powerful?

We both have the same power within us, Iím just more aware of it than maybe you are. Youíll be more aware of how powerful you are during and after a session.

What happens in a session?

I conduct a brief Q& A session either before the session by e mail, facetime or phone, and then we discuss this a bit further when we meet. I then bring the client into relaxation, youíll get to sit back, with a nice warm blanket and youíll close your eyes. Most people tell me that this is the most relaxed they have ever felt. When your body relaxes, your mind can relax.

This next stage is called trance. When we daydream, get lost in our thoughts, or drive home but canít remember how we got there, or get so caught up in what we are doing that time flies, this is trance, and we go in and out of trance naturally every day. Itís like a state of standby on your computer.

I guide the client into a deeper state of trance. They can emerge at any stage by opening their eyes.

While in trance I offer different suggestions and visualizations, to help the client to feel the benefits of the changes they want to make. If you can see it in your mind, then you are already halfway there.

After the session we have a brief discussion and I offer further suggestions and a plan of action.

How many sessions will I need?

It depends on your issue. Some issues get resolved in one session, some take three or four. I will be able to answer that either in our first briefing or after the first session. You can then make an informed choice on how you wish to proceed or not.

How much will it cost?

Cost is Ä100 / Ä80 for unemployed / part time / low wage earners, let me know when booking.

Special Offer book and pay in advance for three sessions Ä250 / Ä200

I accept cash or credit /debit card or you can pre pay through paypal.