Introduction-Become who you were meant to be


Artist, Author, Photographer, Hypnotherapist, Transformation & Spiritual Coach, Reiki Practitioner

Whether you just want to become a better version of you, or want to break a habit or pattern, free yourself of fear, manage stress, anxiety or depression, build your self-esteem & confidence, become more spiritually connected, or just even want to buy a unique gift, have a browse through my website to see if I have anything you need! 

Hi, I'm Paula O'Sullivan, I'm based in Blessington, Co. Wicklow, Ireland. 

Back in 2009, I developed an MS / Lupus type illness. In the middle of all the tests I had a crazy notion that I may have somehow created it, as I had been under a long period of stress.

I began to research what stress was, and I read a lot of books, watched a lot of movies, and began practicing in earnest what I was learning.

Within three months almost all of the symptoms had disappeared. I had also developed a blood clotting issue, and that was gone within eight months! None of it ever returned.

I was astounded! I was amazed! I was a big sceptic and didn't believe that it was possible. But I was also fascinated to see what else I could change and I systematically worked through my issues. I lost weight, I overcame fears and anxiety, I overcame the tendency I had to feel depressed, I built my confidence and self-esteem. And everything I tried worked.

No it didn't happen overnight, it was a process, but my life became a really exciting adventure, as it continues to be.

Within the past 10 years I've qualified as a Hypnotherapist, a Reiki Practitioner and a Life Coach. I've developed my art and photography skills. I've written three books and I'm working on more.

My first book is called 'Different Perspectives for a Different World - Essays for Life Revised Edition. This is available on Amazon / Book Depository etc. The first edition is no longer in print as it was limited to only 200 copies. It's a collection of philosophical stories that I wrote as I moved from illness and despair into wellness, hope and positivity.

I've followed this with my second book. It's called' Same Shit, Different Day - Breaking the Patterns that Make us Miserable - A metaphysical approach to wellbeing' This book includes all the essential techniques that I've used successfully over the past 10 years. I also share where some of the possible patterns come from that make us miserable and how to break them.

My third book is called ‘Let Love In -Poems & Musings’ it is a collection of inspirational poems and musings written since the 1980’s right up to the present day. My humble offerings traverse our journeys of human suffering and the overcoming of it. In this collection, you’ll find meaningful insights and messages that will lead you off the trail of misery and despair and will help you find your way back onto the path of peace, love and joy once more.