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Different Perspectives for a Different World - Essays for Life
Same Shit Different Day
Let Love In - poems & Musings
Angel Notebook
I'm Stayin' in the Now Notebook
I Want to Live in a World Notebook
I Will Stay in the Now Notebook
Make a Wish Notebook
Front_CoverMy first book Different Perspectives for a Different World - Essays for Life was originally self -published in 2013 as a  limited edition of only 200 copies. In 2017 I revised it, and its available now on Amazon, Kindle, Book Depository etc.

Back in 2009, Paula O’Sullivan became ill. She had similar symptoms to MS. After undergoing many tests, Paula had a crazy thought that she might have somehow created the illness herself. She began to research stress, and what she found, changed her life.

She discovered that she had created the illness, and then discovered how to heal herself, by changing her thoughts, letting go of negative emotions, adopting a more positive attitude, and a relaxed, healthier lifestyle. Once she’d recovered, Paula decided to build her confidence and self-esteem, she freed herself of fears and anxiety, learnt how to love and accept herself, and began at last, to believe in herself. Paula discovered that life has no meaning unless we give it some ourselves.

Her life is now a very exciting adventure. Different Perspectives for a Different World is a collection of essays written over a period of two years, where Paula hopes to share some of the insights and wisdom she has learnt and applied to her own life. Things that have helped her to cope and get through some very tough times and which will hopefully help you, the reader, to see your life and experiences from a different perspective too!
This is my second book which I self-published in 2019, it's available now on Amazon, Kindle, Book Depository etc.

Same Shit Different Day - Breaking the Patterns that Make us Miserable - A Metaphysical Approach to Wellbeing.

Why does everyone seem so feckin miserable? Why are so many people depressed, suicidal or addicted? Does your life resemble a revolving door of same shit but just a different day? Have you ever wondered why this is?

Now maybe you’re just surrounded by assholes, or you’re a magnet for narcissists, or maybe you believed what they told you about fluoridated water and drank loads of it. Or maybe you had a shitty childhood, but are you stuck with all of that? What the feck can you do about it?

In this book I share the many things that create patterns in our lives that keep us in misery, and I also share how to break those patterns, so that you can be your most empowered glorious, magnificent, beautiful self. If I could do it so can you.

 This is my third book which I self-published in 2020 it's available now on   Amazon, Kindle, Book Depository etc.

 Let Love In - Poems & Musings is a collection of inspirational poems and   musings written by Paula O’Sullivan since the 1980’s right up to the present   day. Her humble offerings traverse our journeys of human suffering and the   overcoming of it.

 In this collection, you’ll find meaningful insights and messages that will lead   you off the trail of misery and despair and will help you find your way back   onto the path of peace, love and joy once more.


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Let Love In - Poems & Musings

I have a varied selection of notebooks with my artwork on the cover for sale on Amazon, you can check them out on my Amazon Author Central Page Amazon Author Central Page